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Viviana Garibay

I am an Independent Filmmaker that comes from Monterrey, Mexico. Now I reside in the heart of Los Angeles directing and producing narrative content, commercials, and music videos. I’ve the opportunity to hop on the crew Westworld Season 4 and work in several projects with the MediaMonks and Sundance Institute as a production coordinator.


My career in the filmmaking world began roughly 3 years ago where all I had was myself to create. I wrote, directed, produced, edited, and everything in between in order for knowledge and adaptability to be my foundation. In the long run this has helped me have empathy for others and realistic boundaries for what is possible. I value respect and kindness because it creates and environment primed for collaboration. 


With my background in psychology, I possess an intuitive and insightful directing style. I aim to find the beauty, humor, nuance, and humanity within the frame.

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